Tanning Tips


1. Before tan application, make sure you have showered, exfoliated (paying particular attention to the knees and elbows) and shaved any areas that you are applying tan to. Ensure this is done at least 24 hours prior to application.

2. Prior to tan application, avoid deodorants and perfumes as they can often affect the way a self tan adheres to your skin. Ensure the full body is clean and fresh ready to make the most of your tan!

3. Don't spritz perfume onto your skin immediately after tan application, the water in the perfume may dilute the tanning product, leaving behind lighter spots of colour on the skin. Make sure your guide colour has developed and washed off before using perfume again to guarantee your tan looks flawless.

4. When applying Fake Bake tanning products, we would recommend using Fake Bake Deluxe Application Mitt to ensure a flawless, streak-free tan and stain-free hands. This will help to evenly distribute and blend your tan ensuring a flawless finish every time.