About Us


Fake Bake is an award-winning company offering premium self-tanning products to help you achieve a stunning, natural-looking colour without subjecting your skin to the damages of the sun. We strive to produce the most high-quality, user-friendly self-tanning lotions, liquids, sprays and mousses, as well as premium face tanners, vitiligo camouflage products and cosmetics that leave you with an unbelievably realistic faux glow at an affordable price.

As one of the original self-tanning companies, Fake Bake has been producing the leading fake tan products since the mid-1990s. Today, you can find our beloved tanning formulas throughout the world in homes, at salons and even on the covers of the world's biggest fashion magazines. From the best fake tan preparation and application solutions to the most realistic self-tan formulas on the market, Fake Bake is the best way to get yourself a flawless, sunless glow.


We made Fake Bake because we believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice the health of your skin to get a rich, bronze tan. In fact, we think you shouldn't have to apply harsh chemicals to your skin to get a great tan either. That's why we've created this line of revolutionary self-tanning products that contain tanning agents with no parabens. Read on to learn about Fake Bake ingredients, how our products work and more.


Fake Bake has become a leader in self-tanning and spray tanning products because of our exclusive sunless tanning formula with Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), DMI, and Erythulose that delivers a safe and long-lasting golden tan. Other self-tanners can often turn your skin orange , but Fake Bake's tanning agents will not turn skin orange, leave a bad odour or stain your clothes.

Our patented self-tanning formula works with every skin tone and every skin type because it works by enhancing your skin's own pigments thus giving you a more natural-looking tan. Fake Bake sunless tanners also have a built-in colour guide, a dark temporary colour, when applied that "shows where it goes" on your skin so there's no chance of having streaks. This means you get a perfectly even tan, every time. Fake Bake gives you the perfect bronze glow any time of the year.

We're a company built around helping people have healthy, beautiful skin. We have the highest standards for our ingredients that go through a rigorous selection process to ensure we use only the best botanical extracts and state-of-the-art technology in our labs. Fake Bake products are never tested on animals.


There's a reason why we're Hollywood's #1 sunless tanning brand! Celebrities and salon professionals around the globe love Fake Bake. As one of the best-selling self-tanners, Fake Bake is world- renowned for delivering the rich looking tans in the most luxurious way - all without the harmful effects of the sun.

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