Fake Bake Tanning Water

Fake Bake Tanning Water

Fake Bake has provided salon-quality sunless tanning products with professional-looking results since the 1990s. We are constantly developing new, innovative tanning solutions to make even a diehard sunbather avoid harmful UV rays and instead reach for one of our no-sun tanners. One such product making waves is our Fake Bake Tanning Water. This self-tanning water transforms into a lightweight foam that gives you a natural-looking glow. Learn more about this addition to our sunless tanning line-up. Once you read all about it, you’ll want to try our unique Tanning Water for yourself! 

What Is Tanning Water?

Tanning Water is even more lightweight than a lotion or mousse. This clear formula dispenses as a foam, similar to the texture of shaving cream. It is easy to apply and leaves no residue. Like our other Fake Bake sunless tanning products, our Tanning Water contains 100% naturally derived DHA that reacts with the amino acids in your skin cells to produce a natural-looking tan. It goes on smooth and blends in quickly for glowing results in just a few hours. 

Is Tanning Water Good for Your Skin? 

This gentle, no-sun tanning product can calm your skin. It contains passion flower extract that delivers deep hydration to keep your skin soft and moisturized. The floral extract also gives our Tanning Water a delicate scent that’s a nice change of pace from the heavier tropical scent you might expect from other formulas. You can use this self-tan water on any skin type, even sensitive skin; whether your skin is oily, normal or dry, Tanning Water absorbs quickly without feeling sticky or tacky and hydrates as it tans. 

How Do You Apply Tanning Water?

We encourage you to start with exfoliated skin for a smooth surface. You can also use an oil- free moisturizer, but 

skip any product that’s too thick or oily because it may inhibit the tanning water from penetrating the top layer of skin cells. Apply the self-tanner using the included Ultimate Tanning Application Mitt. Use an upward circular motion to blend it in and avoid any streaks. 

Allow the Tanning Water to dry to the touch, and you are good to go! You don’t need to rinse it off or worry about staining light-coloured sheets or clothing because it is clear. Like our other Fake Bake self-tanners, this formula takes about six to eight hours to develop into a natural golden glow. Hold off on showering, bathing or swimming until those hours have passed to give it time to cure. 

We are pretty proud of our Tanning Water. It can make you forget all about the orange colour and streaky finish of some other self-tanners. Use it once for a light, sun-kissed tan or build your colour for a deeper, darker radiance by reapplying it the next day. No matter how you like your no-sun tan, you are sure to enjoy this lightweight and convenient self-tan product from Fake Bake.

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