What Clothes Should I Wear After Self-Tanning?

What Clothes Should I Wear After Self-Tanning?

After getting your glow on, you’re faced with a dilemma: What do you wear after self-tanning? We’ve all heard the horror stories; that friend who paid for a fabulous tan, but sadly ruined both her tan and clothes within the first few hours. But don't fret, we've come up with some fail proof advice! These guidelines will keep you looking great for days to come in your new, safe, sunless tan. Read on for our top tips from the Fake Bake pros on what to wear after a self-tan or spray tan.

Wear Loose Clothing

Tight clothing can rub off self-tanner, so it's best to avoid wearing anything restrictive until your tan has had time to set. This means no skinny jeans, leggings, tight tops, or bodycon dresses. Instead, opt for flowy skirts or wide-leg pants. Loose button down blouses are ideal, but the key point is keep it airy with freedom of movement. You'll nail the boho chic vibe while ensuring your healthy glow has the time it needs to properly set.

Avoid White Clothing

As your tan begins to set, it could transfer onto anything that comes into contact with it. You can minimize the risk by choosing the right color of clothing. White and other light colored clothing, including your fav nude bra and panties, will show any self-tanner stains far more prominently than darker colors. So to avoid any fashion mishaps within the first 24 hours, stick to darker hues like black, navy, and brown.

Choose The Right Fabrics

Immediately After Tanning: While you might be tempted to reach for your favorite cotton tee after applying self-tanner or being sprayed, this is actually a bad idea. Cotton is an absorbent fabric, which means it will soak up any excess tanner that's not yet dry. This can lead to patchy areas and streaking. Instead, go for fabrics like polyester and nylon that won't absorb as much product. Save your soft cottons for a few hours after when the risk of rubbing your tan off is gone. Your self-tan will thank you!

Bedtime: The spray tan experts here at Fake Bake recommend waiting at least six hours before hitting the hay. This gives your tan time to thoroughly dry so you don't end up with streaks on your sheets. Once it's time for bed, slip into some loose-fitting pajamas to keep your skin cool and comfortable all night long.

Work: If you're headed into the office, you'll want to avoid anything that's too tight or too loose. Instead, opt for something in-between like a flowy dress or wide-leg pants. These silhouettes will let your skin breathe while still looking polished and professional.

Night Out: When it comes to post self-tan clothes for a night out, the world is your oyster! Show off your new Bronze glow in something sleeveless and sexy or go for a more laid-back look with distressed denim shorts. Throw on some glam earrings and you’ll be ready to shine!

Self tanning is the perfect way to achieve that beautiful bronzed goddess look, without spending unsafe hours in the sun. Choose your clothes wisely to avoid mishaps with your freshly sprayed or applied tan: Wear loose, breathable clothing in darker colors. Fabrics made from synthetic fabrics are your friend, and wait a few hours before heading to bed. Following these simple tips will help you rock your tan and feel great doing it!

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