Ingredient Spotlight: Passion Flower Extract

Ingredient Spotlight: Passion Flower Extract

Passion Flower is a climbing vine with white and purple flowers, a truly beautiful plant. However, that is not all. Passion Flower comes with many great benefits for the skin, lets find out more.

It has been used for many years and is a versatile raw material. Native to South America and Africa, there are more than 500 varieties of Passion Flower.

Passion Flower is full of nutrients that are good for the skin, including vitamins A and C, and essential fatty acids. The flower is well known for protecting the skin against environmental stressors, keeping the skin looking firm and youthful whilst also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by keeping the skin smooth and plump. It is extremely hydrating, known to nourish the skin without clogging the pores. Doubling up as a skin calmer as it soothes dry, itchy and irritated skin.

As Passion Flower is a great source of vitamin A, it is extremely rejuvenating, this is critical for cell growth and repair. A high content of fatty acids such as Linoleic and Oleic Acids feed the skin, helping to maintain structure keeping the skin smooth and plump looking.

Did you know the Passion Flower is inspired by Jesus' passion for people and they used the flower as a symbol for his crucifixion?

The flower is packed with 72% Omega 6 acid to hydrate the skin while controlling sebum production.

All in all, this wonderful flower seems like an ultimate skincare ingredient, would you agree? How would you feel if we told you this is the main ingredient in Fake Bake's Tanning Water! Achieve that flawless glow whilst treating your skin with love...

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